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Hello! My name is Lucie Dickenson. I am an ink slinging Jersey shore writer with a flair for fashion and a heart full of peace, love and kindness. I love to travel and everywhere happens to be on my list of places to go. 

As a former full time worrier, writing became my outlet for healing. With a BA in English, a marriage certificate in Irish* and 15 years as a contributor and blogger, my writing helped me overcome debilitating anxiety and catapulted me into the world of helping others put pen to paper.  I am a bestselling author and would love to guide you to become your best self through words- writing them, wearing them, reading them & living them.



write down words

Write that story for your family!

Writing has never been optional for me. It is like eating and breathing, something integral to my existence. The success of my book was fabulous, but even more so was the conversation with my mother. She said she had always wished to write her story, to have it in a book for her grandkids (and their kids) to read. 


 This got me to ask my mom some questions and "interview"" her so that I could help her story come to life. And this is how Write On Memoirs was born. 

We all have a story, Write on...

wear strong words

Wear the words that bring you joy!

My husband is Irish* and I am that Jersey shore girl with hippie flair. Our beautiful little corner of the world  backs up to the Atlantic Ocean and breathes in a laidback style with an Irish twist.

Our apparel line The Irish Hippie reflects that lifestyle.  

read some words

live your words

my Books: The Anxious Hippie & The Anxious Hippie Handbook

I am honored that my first book and the companion handbook both were #1 New Releases. I wanted the words in my books to touch those with anxiety and anyone else that needed to know humor, love and belief in yourself can create miracles. 


By putting your thoughts on paper healing can happen!!


"A MUST read!!! Lucie manages to capture every thought and inner struggle those of us who suffer from anxiety think and feel. Her story and experiences are told in an honest and humorous voice that erases the stigma of being a person who has an anxiety disorder..." 

write on retreats & adventures 

 Live life through the words you speak and the energy you give them.

Live fully with intention, grounding yourself in nature & then write about your experiences!!


 words about me

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